"Eventing is to equestrianism what triathlon is to athletics"..

The event will have an international dimension
The goal of IENA is to introduce riders, equestrian lovers and the public to Switzerland. Indeed, eventing has developed strongly in French-speaking Switzerland in recent years and IENA already attracts many athletes throughout the year for national team training.

The exceptional infrastructure ofIENAwill provide the opportunity to host this amazing event and give a large number of people the chance to visitAvenches.

The region will be very exposed with many spectators who will watch the competition. It's a good opportunity for hotels, restaurants and activities.

WE NEED YOU! Your support will be necessary for this event.

The last European Championship in Germany attracted over 40,000 spectators. This event will reunite all horse riding fans and will be a major event in Switzerland and in Europe.

This is an great opportunity for your company to have a high exposure by sponsoring this amazing event in Switzerland.

This PDF-document below has informations about the event and the discipline. You will find the sponsorship possibilities for a presence at the event and a digital communication for your brand.

Thanks to our sponsors & partners